portlandia fans: this.

I’m a huge fan of Portlandia, and anyone who’s been following along also knows I have an obsession interest in small/tiny homes. So I think it’s only fitting to share with you the following video via Curbed, since I’ve been blathering on about not-so-big spaces for so long and then we end up going with a 2,400 sqft home. All signs pointing to “go” on that front, by the way. Only a couple more hurdles before that adorable (big) house belongs to the bank us. Now I just need to conjure some packing faeries.

Please enjoy:

Here It Is (The Tiny House Portlandia Video) from Dawn Jones on Vimeo.



did you miss me?

Because I sure missed you, and this neglected little blog. The reason for my absence is because my creative brain short-circuited. During this past month’s hiatus I blew a design fuse, because my new job as senior designer for UIdaho is kicking my ass. In the best possible way. However, there was no spark left at the end of the day for the Hedgehog. I basically put the hodgelet to bed and then put myself to bed shortly thereafter for the past 6 weeks.

But lately I’ve been seeing things all over the interwebs I want to write about. I’ve got a backlog of blogging to do. To jump back into it, I’ll focus on what I’m obsessing over today: round dining tables. The Old Man is reticent for me to discuss it publicly (jinxy nonsense, I say), but our Wee Little House has sold and we are under contract on a lovely 1930s charmer! Aside from the fact that it’s not small (almost double our current home), it’s nearly perfect:

The darling front. It needs window trim badly, a new front door, and perhaps a front porch.

The living room has light coming from all four sides and these beautiful wrought-iron railings.

The basement is COMPLETELY RENOVATED. No creepy dirt floors or spider hordes.

There is no dining room per se, but here is the pretty little eating nook off the kitchen. Hence our need to ditch our monstrous 12-person rectangular dining table and find a little round one. Something similar to these beauties, but with just one zero on the sticker price:


 This Art Nouveau-inspired Tribeca Table. I’m drawn to the organic legs and dark finish. 

This 1930s French-style Round Dining Table. It’s “of the era” for the house, but would also appeal to the minimalist, mid-century leanings of the Old Man.

This 1940s French Industrial Steel Round Dining Table. Ah, still my love of French industrial style runs deep. Yummy.

This Round Marble and Cast Iron Pedestal Dining Table. I heart this so much. I purposefully didn’t sign into 1st Dibs to see what it costs because I know. I know it’s got at least four zeros (before the decimal) in the price. But a girl can dream.

So, if the sale falls through because I messed with karma by putting it on the interwebs before we have the keys, c’est la vie. I’m just so excited I can’t contain myself. About the house, about my new job, about getting back to blogging. Yay! 


long overdue / announcement

I must apologize… Since I started the Graphic Hedgehog over 10 months ago, I’ve never gone more than three or four days without posting unless I’ve been on vacation. I’ve been very remiss in my blogging duties this week.

Well. If you’ve been following along, you might know I started a new job last week. It is kicking my ass. In the BEST possible way, with all sorts of lovely new co-workers and challenging creative projects. But it also means learning a whole new way of doing things, which is requiring quite nearly all of me. 

I started this blog as a way to spark my creative passion and as motivation to explore new design-y things, and share them with you. I really, REALLY enjoy it. That said, I have come to the realization this week that I cannot physically or mentally keep up with a three post-per-week schedule whilst learning the ropes of a new creative job and house-hunting. Because oh by the way, our Wee House has sold. We have until June 7 to find new living arrangements or it will be a van down by the river for us. 

So at least for the next couple months or so, I’ll be scaling it back. Not sure what that will look like right now, but I am by no means abandoning the hedge. I hope to incorporate more guest posts and use this opportunity to really curate my subject matter. Which is why I want to share this stunning post by Australian-based digital design magazine Est. It features the Bodie & Fou SS/2013 collection, which is pretty much a minimalist/scandinavian modern/organic lover’s DREAM. Dreamy dreamy yum yum YUM!

Bodie and Fou Seagrass Basket & Yellow Throw via Est MagazineBodie and Fou Wooden Chopping Boards & Linen via Est Magazine


free font friday: hello denver

My vacation was bliss. It rained nearly the entire time and there isn’t much to do in the off-season on the Washington coast, which was alright by me. It allowed guilt-free wearing of pajamas all day, multiple naps, catching up on the last book club novel, House Hunters International marathon, working on puzzles, and taste-testing the myriad clam chowders of Ocean Shores. No job, no kid, no responsibilities. Just a whole lot of spectacular nothing.

The view from our (free!) time-share condo (Lo-Mob iPhoneography app):

Cars are allowed on the beaches of the Grays Harbor peninsula:

Vacation’s over, back to the bittersweet real world… It was the last day at my long-time job at Washington State University. My last day as a paid Coug! Boxing up my things and walking down the stairs for the last time as an employee = surreal. Drinks with some of my favorite co-peeps = a lovely end of an era.

How about free font to cheer us all up! Hello Denver (via Smashing Mag) is a typeface by Good Apples design studio for Create Denver 2012, free for personal and commercial projects. I think it would make a nifty display font for an urban-centric editorial spread, ya?


a little of this and that

Thank mother-effing goodness it’s Friday! Not only that, it’s been “warm” and sunny. And on top of THAT, we leave tomorrow for our first real getaway since long before Little Man came around. After we drive by his grandparents’ house and toss him into their arms from our moving vehicle, we will embark upon three days of sloth and gluttony in Ocean Shores with my brother and SIL.

I will be taking a break from blogging for the next week to walk on the beach, do puzzles, take naps, drink wine, and eat fried food. YES. Instead of the usual Friday Freebie, I thought I’d leave you with a little link love. The best the design blogosphere has to offer on this fine Friday in March!

1. On Apartment Therapy: Inaki Aliste Lizarralde’s Famous Floorplans.

2. On Design*Sponge: This scrumptious Rosemary Gin Rickey. Get in mah belly.

3. On Oh So Beautiful Paper: These lovely black and white, modern geometric wedding invitations.