Welcome to my little corner of the blogisphere.

Welcome to the Graphic Hedgehog, my blog. Within these pages you’ll find evidence of my love of all things design, whether it be graphic, interior, cupcake or hedgehog in nature, as well as showcase my own work. There will probably be quite a few posts about peanutbutter and naps. I am a graphic designer by trade, a daydreamer always, a wife (we shall call him Old Man), a mother (we shall call him Little Man), an amature interior designer and future world traveler. Oh and I never turn down a cocktail. I live in a Wee Old House in a very small college town, in a uniquely beautiful corner of the world. I love the blogisphere, and am inspired every day by what I find there. I’m excited to carve out a little piece of it for myself. I hope you like what you see/read!