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did you miss me?

Because I sure missed you, and this neglected little blog. The reason for my absence is because my creative brain short-circuited. During this past month’s hiatus I blew a design fuse, because my new job as senior designer for UIdaho is kicking my ass. In the best possible way. However, there was no spark left at the end of the day for the Hedgehog. I basically put the hodgelet to bed and then put myself to bed shortly thereafter for the past 6 weeks.

But lately I’ve been seeing things all over the interwebs I want to write about. I’ve got a backlog of blogging to do. To jump back into it, I’ll focus on what I’m obsessing over today: round dining tables. The Old Man is reticent for me to discuss it publicly (jinxy nonsense, I say), but our Wee Little House has sold and we are under contract on a lovely 1930s charmer! Aside from the fact that it’s not small (almost double our current home), it’s nearly perfect:

The darling front. It needs window trim badly, a new front door, and perhaps a front porch.

The living room has light coming from all four sides and these beautiful wrought-iron railings.

The basement is COMPLETELY RENOVATED. No creepy dirt floors or spider hordes.

There is no dining room per se, but here is the pretty little eating nook off the kitchen. Hence our need to ditch our monstrous 12-person rectangular dining table and find a little round one. Something similar to these beauties, but with just one zero on the sticker price:


 This Art Nouveau-inspired Tribeca Table. I’m drawn to the organic legs and dark finish. 

This 1930s French-style Round Dining Table. It’s “of the era” for the house, but would also appeal to the minimalist, mid-century leanings of the Old Man.

This 1940s French Industrial Steel Round Dining Table. Ah, still my love of French industrial style runs deep. Yummy.

This Round Marble and Cast Iron Pedestal Dining Table. I heart this so much. I purposefully didn’t sign into 1st Dibs to see what it costs because I know. I know it’s got at least four zeros (before the decimal) in the price. But a girl can dream.

So, if the sale falls through because I messed with karma by putting it on the interwebs before we have the keys, c’est la vie. I’m just so excited I can’t contain myself. About the house, about my new job, about getting back to blogging. Yay! 

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