choosy developers choose GIF

I learned something new yesterday! Well, new to me: how to create animated GIFs. They’ve been around since the dawn of the interwebs, and have received a bad rap in the past for their over-use of cheesy lameness. However, in the past couple years I’ve noticed a resurgence in their acceptability within the Very Serious Design community. I never had a need to learn until now, for a digital ad at my soon-to-be-former (eek!) job. I taught myself out to make one in Photoshop yesterday. It was super easy because Photoshop has a built-in timeline, somewhat similar to Flash. My GIF is not worthy of sharing here because the artwork I had to use came from another designer on campus, but I wanted to search and share some GIFfy goodness. Not the tacky/funny MEME-style animated GIFs like these, but creative ways this file format is being used in the online design realm.

The Mathmatica-coded continuous patterns of animated GIF artist Archery:

The fun way Oh Joy has incorporated animated GIFs on her blog:

This cute little typographic GIF. I have no idea where it came from or who created it, but thanks Google!

Last but not least, the beautiful cinemagraph GIF, via Buzzfeed.


just breathe.

Here on the blog, I’ve been keeping quiet on another development in my life. I didn’t want to jinx it, because it’s pretty epic. In December I came across a posting for a job as a senior graphic design supervisor in the University of Idaho Marketing and Communications/Creative Services Department. I put together my online portfolio at a record pace. I submitted my application. I had a phone interview, then an on-campus interview. And then, incredulously, last week they OFFERED ME THE POSITION. And I ACCEPTED. Eek! I have been in my current job at Washington State University for eight years full-time, and a couple years before that as a student intern. I practically grew up there; my co-workers are like family. Turning in my letter of resignation was gut-wrenching, but I just could not be more scared shitless excited about this new adventure. I’m looking forward to new design challenges and being part of a creative team.

However, I would advise ANYONE to avoid making more than one major life change at once, if at all possible. The combined stress of changing jobs/selling our Wee House/looking for a new house so we won’t be homeless/putting on a charity event/having a one-year old almost. Killed. Me. And my liver. 

I am in need of a little courage tonight as I prepare for this next phase (just two weeks until my official first day), so, my Sunday Night Reset is dedicated to facing fears.

Creativity Takes Courage via Full Frontal


Desiderata Quote via Pinterest

Via Pinterest 


a blue girl in a red state

Idaho law forbids a citizen to give another citizen a box of candy that weighs more than 50 pounds.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Idaho lately. Whatever for, you wonder? Well, within all the madness of selling our Wee House, there is an epic existential family crisis over whether to stay in our current small town (in Washington), or move to the next small town over (in Idaho). We change our minds daily. Probably multiple times a day. Whatever is the big deal, you ask? We don’t know, really… but it feels like SUCH A BIG DEAL. Things we must take into consideration: schools, community, friends, the 8% Idaho income tax, commuting, building vs. buying a house, being a blue girl in a red state. As a diehard Evergreen State fan, could I live with Idaho license plates?

We finally starting to look at real estate this week, so I suppose we just need to be patient and let the right house find us. in the meantime, I rounded up some Idaho-ey things:

11x17 Idaho Tourism Print by Derek Sullivan

I saw these tourism posters this summer at my favorite local book shop, and although I must admit I only wanted to buy the Washington version at the time.

1935: Miss Idaho Potato

Apparently this happened in 1935. Enough said.

Potato Mustache Ornament By The Idaho Potato Museum

Of course there’s a potato museum in Idaho. And of course they sell customizable mustache-themed potato ornaments. 


Three cheers for the puppies and kitties!

I have been waiting to post this until the final numbers came in, and now I can happily announce that the 6th annual Fur Ball and Yappy Hour raised $35,000 for the homeless animals of Whitman County! Even though this year was even more stressful and chaotic than years past, having such a positive outcome makes it all worth it. Since I haven’t shared any of my work on here in a while (I haven’t really been DOING any interesting side work), I thought I’d show some of the final event branding for the Fur Ball. 

Here is my main contribution, the final poster design:

Fur Ball Poster Design by Emily

The event facility that we use has three giant 20-foot projector screens against the far back wall, and here’s what I created to display at the start of the event and during downtimes:

Fur Ball Center Screen Graphic by Emily

Fur Ball Left Screen Graphic By Emily

Fur Ball Right Screen Graphic by Emily

There was also a custom wine glass, wine labels, a postcard, digital ads, web banners, letterhead, and signage. Whew! Glad that’s over.


goonies never die!

Goonies was one of my top three most favorite movies growing up, which is a fairly predictable statement for someone of my particular generation, I know.

In my last post I talked about minimalism as an approach to daily living. Since we’re in the middle of selling our house, and I am quite thoroughly obsessed with the topic, I fear I might be neglecting the graphic design side of my blog. So to take a breather of sorts, but because I still can’t stop thinking about what I posted Tuesday, I rounded up some minimalist movie poster designs. They aren’t the originals—I suspect they are design school projects—but they are amazeballs. Thanks Pinterest, you never fail me. 

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Via PinterestVia PinterestWell, I’m off to a birthday party and then to help with the 6th annual Fur Ball and Yappy Hour fundraiser for the local Humane Society, wish me luck! I hope we make lots and lots of moolah for the puppies and kitties tonight.