less is more, I think...?

Minimalism: A lifestyle movement I’ve been lurking around the edges of for quite some time now. Following rabbit holes on the interwebs like the blogs of these fellows and this lady, undertaking semi-serious/semi-regular household purges, engaging in sporadic Craigslist selling sprees. My interest began with a single, universe-shifting article I read in Sunset some years back about a zero-waste family of four living in a 1,400 square-foot home. Think about that. They produce NO GARBAGE. They take glass jars to the store for perishable items. While a bit extreme for my taste, I found it inspiring.

I’m fascinated by the promise of a more fullfilling, less-stressful life, yet terrified of leaving behind the Religion of Objects I’ve clung to my whole life. I am not a hoarder… far from it. But I probably have an unhealthy association between things (furniture, houses, clothes, etc.) and happiness. And having a kid last year certainly put a wrench in any de-cluttering plans I might have had. 

Via Pinterest

I’ve said it before, but I think if we work very very hard at paring down the stuff, perhaps there will be more room (and time, and money) in our lives for what truly matters. 

Well, big things are afoot for our family, and I now pledge that if (when!) our Wee house sells, we will use the moving process as an experiment in adopting a more minimalist way of living. 2013 is the Year I Become a Minimalist! (I hope.) My first order of business is to shrink my wardrobe by participating in Project 333. I am imagining myself as one of those Parisian ladies with 10 hangers in their itty bitty French closets. 


i'm back!

I’m flinging myself back into my thrice-weekly blogging schedule with gusto today, now that a few fairly epic things have been checked off my Teux Deux list. It might take a few days to get back in the rhythm however, which is why I’m writing about a free font this Sunday morning rather than my usual Friday Freebie feature.  

I may have used Bacon Ipsum on a recent project at work. It was early in the design process and only for the eyes of my my marketing coordinator colleague, but it was fun to shake things up a bit. And then just a few days later I came across a new place-holder font option featured on One Page Love:

BLOKK font

BLOKK is a font that replaces text with rectangle shapes for quick mock-ups and wireframing for clients who do not understand latin, and I plan to use the dickens out of it for future web and print projects. In particular, I’m trying to get a big responsive design project off the ground at my day job this year. There will be oodles of wireframing involved in that process, and Blokk should be really helpful.


honey, stop the car

Suddenly there is a for sale sign in my front yard that says “Honey, stop the car.” I kid you not.

Things have been quiet here on the Graphic Hedgehog Blog for a little while, and I apologize for my absence. This might go down as the craziest week on record for our family… and it’s only Wednesday! So it’s with relief and a more than a dash of bittersweetness that I can now announce, after much cleaning, organizing, purging, and staging, (and whining about all that here on the blog) that Our Wee House, is finally, officially, “on the market.” So without further ado, here are our Realtor’s photos:

Our Wee House from the street

The Living Room

The Master Bedroom

The Kitchen

And the official listing description:

“Wonderfully maintained and updated home on Pioneer Hill. Main floor features high ceilings, lots of natural light through large windows, exceptionally large country kitchen with tiled floors and island with breakfast bar. Built-in hutch in formal dining room and beautiful wood floors. Interior recently painted and in very good condition. Detached two car garage with 1/2 bath and utility sink in work bench. Off-street parking off alley for four additional vehicles. Beautiful outdoor patio and brick fire pit. Fenced rear yard ideal for children or pets. Close to transit stop, downtown shopping and easy access to WSU. If you like older homes this could be the perfect fit.”


bob dylan´s hand lettering experience 

I know I’m probably not supposed to admit this, but I don’t like Bob Dylan’s music (gasp!). It has something to do with a general dislike of popular, successful singers whose voices are commensurate with mine. That is to say, artists who can’t sing their way out of a paper bag. I know Dylan fans will argue that I’m missing the point entirely, but whatevs. I am not alone.

However, I really enjoyed this personal creative typography project by designer Leandro Senna. He hand-lettered all the lyrics to Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues, which resulted in 66 illustrations over a one-month period. It made me want to get back to my sketchbook project, which I’ve put on a temporary hold until a few other things are off my plate. Hmmm…. wheels are turning. Happy Friday, everybody!



Yep. Tonight the tally looks like this: Wee House = two, Emily = zero. Not a shining moment in my DIY adventures. In an attempt to spruce this place up before we sell it, perhaps I was a bit hasty. Perhaps if I had taken the time to consult the blogosphere, I would have learned that Krylon spray paint is utter crap and that terra cotta needs to be sealed before it’s painted. Oops. Perhaps I should have learned by now that lurking beneath all these charming, centurian walls, the lath-and-plaster can rear it’s ugly head at any time, solid as cement that no nail shall conquer. Double oops and a few choice curse words.

I tried to paint a cheery yellow onto some plain pots for herbs on our sill to brighten up the kitchen, and now they look like this:

The paint dripped all over the place and the coverage is all splotchy, runny and gross. Also my eyes are stinging now and I feel a little dizzy.

Then I tried to hang artwork over our bed (which has been bare since we moved in six years ago), and now it looks like this:

I found discount backless frames at Michaels and illustrations torn from a 2011 calendar about birds a friend had given me. I was feeling pretty spiffy. And then I tried to hang the third one, but the nail would only go half way in the wall, no matter how hard I hammered it. I’ve had this problem before in other parts of our 1894 house, so I have been using 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips. But it says right on the back of the box NOT to use them for artwork over the bed (I can only imagine the lawsuits that led to that disclaimer.) Now our bedroom’s all cattywumpus, there’s a big ugly nail hole in the wall, and I am going to have a bath and go to bed. 

Good night!