sunday night reset: bahahahahaaah

Sorry I missed my Friday Freebie post this week, I couldn’t muster the energy. Sickness has descended upon my household, and I am not immune. That said, I still have my sense of humor. So for my Sunday Night Reset, here’s a little typography/nerd humor:


20 x 200

I’ve wanted to buy art from 20x200 for a while now; what a great concept. It will have to wait until after we find our new home, because right now I’m trying to stage our house for sale on the super cheap. But for Future House, these watercolors by Stamen Design please me greatly (and my cartophile spouse, I’m sure). I love the graphic/organic tension in these pieces, perhaps installed in a grid on a statement wall:

Watercolor Paris by Stamen DesignWatercolor Portland by Stamen DesignWatercolor Amsterdam by Stamen Design

Watercolor London by Stamen Design



sunday night reset: in memoriam

For the next three weeks I’ve made an executive decision to write Very Short Blog Posts. It’s out of necessity really… I just have too many irons in the fire. Somethings gotta give before my sanity does.

So I dedicate this Sunday Night Reset to my MIL. My mother-in-law Bobbie turned into a white butterfly three years ago today, and I miss her. I have no words to describe how wonderful she was and what a positive influence she continues to have on me. So I’ll say it with a picture:


friday freebie: teux deux, a simple, "design-y" to do app

Last week I wrote about ways to help you remember what day of the week it is. Today let’s talk about help with remembering what the heck you were supposed to be doing with your day: To Do Lists. Love them? Hate them? Compulsively obsess over them and attach an unhealthy amount of self-worth to them as I do? I’ve been a list-maker as far back as I can remember. There is something SO SATISFYING about crossing off those tasks/chores/projects. In the past I have been rather traditional in my execution of lists… a simple pen and paper usually did the trick. But once I got my iPhone, I started using the Notes app that comes pre-loaded to keep track of my many, many lists. 

Enter the Game Changer: About a month ago I stumbled on TeuxDeux. I just love saying it: teuuu deuuuuuu. More than that I love using it. It’s a simple web and smartphone-based task management app created by graphic design modern legend Tina Roth Eisenberg of Swiss Miss and the design firm Fictive Kin. TeuxDeux is a web browser (free) and iPhone ($2.99 on iTunes) task management app that is super clean, super functional, and really really pretty, IMHO. Apparently the web version has been around since 2009, but the mobile app recently came out in 2012. The Old Man recently—and very smugy—informed me that he has been using TeuxDeux “FOR MONTHS.” Well, Jolly Good for you, sir. You out-hipstered me on this one.

Here’s what it looks like (the mobile version):


And here’s how it works (pretty funny little video):

Well, there you have it. Happy Friday, I deux hope you have a lovely weekend teux!


happy tuesday, everyone

We just had a (mostly) lovely three-day weekend over at casa Hedgehog. Cocktails with the ladies, a playdate for the Little Man, projects/errands/chores, naps, presidential inauguration fun times (did anyone else notice when Barack totally had his hands on his wife’s booty during the first dance?), and a Friday Night Lights marathon. And also an Epic Fail attempt at paella. I guess you really do need special paella rice (not brown rice!) and a special paella pan (not a wok!). All around a very rejuvenating few days. To keep up the good vibes, here’s a photo I snapped, and edited with Afterglow of one of my favorite weather phenomenons that was making a crystal wonderland of my town this morning:

Hoarfrost on campus | By Emily